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  • Upright transmitted light laboratory microscope Optika B-383PH

Upright transmitted light laboratory microscope Optika B-383PH is an aducational and laboratory microscope for routine applications. Dye-cast frame, with high stability and ergonomy, for transmitted light observation. Total magnification: 40-1000x

Optical system & objectives

The models of the B-380 series are equipped, depending on the various models, with two different types of optical system: the standard 160 mm one and the infinity corrected system (IOS). In both cases the field diameter of the eyepieces is 20 mm.

Microscope stand

Modern and ergonomic, this stand is made of die-cast aluminium. Coarse and fine focusing (graduation: 0.002 mm) with coaxial control knobs. Adjustable focusing tension and limit stop.


Available in binocular or trinocular version. The heads are equipped with interpupillary distance control (48-75 mm) as well as with dioptric compensation. All heads are 30° inclined.


The illuminating system consists of X-LED3 source. The brightness can be adjusted by a rheostat located on the left side of the microscope base.

X-LED 3 - The future of illumination

OPTIKA is proud to introduce its own revolutionary LED powered illumination system. Developed by our R&D department it consists of a new combination of LED and optical technology. A new high-efficiency single chip LED works in combination with a special optical lens, which allows to double the intensity of the light generated by the LED itself. The result is a quantity of light equivalent to the light generated by a standard 50W halogen bulb, but with a colour temperature of 6300K. It means white light instead of the yellow one produced by halogen bulbs. The electrical consumption (3.6 W only) shows the high efficiency of the system: same light intensity with less than 10% of the consumption of a standard halogen bulb. Last but not least, the lifetime of our LED is 50.000 hours, instead of 1.500 hours ...!

Automatic light control

The level of light is adjusted by the microscope in order to maintain the same level as the one the user has chosen, no matter if the aperture of the diaphragm changes, another objective is inserted, opacity of the sample changes, etc.

Microscope type Upright transmitted light microscope
Head type Trinocular
Total magnification 40-1000x
Eyepiece magnification 10x
Objectives PLAN 4x, 10xPh, 40xPh, 100xPh (oil)
Focusing graduation, mm 0.002
Interpupillary distance control, mm 48-75
Observation mode Brightfield, negative phase contrast
Condenser Phase condenser (10x/20x, 40x, 100x) with darkfield (dry) and brightfield
Light source X-LED3 illuminator
Light control Manual
Optical system type 160 mm
Eyepiece field diameter, mm 20
Head rotation 360°
Ocular angle 30°
Stage Double layer with mechanical sliding stage, size 160 x 140 mm, X-Y movement range 78 x 54 mm. Vernier scale on the two axes, accuracy 0.1 mm.
USB connection No
Anti-fungus treatment Yes
External dimensions (W x D x H), mm 210 x 370 x 480
Weight, kg 4
Power supply Input 110/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz; Output 6 V DC, 1 A

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Upright transmitted light laboratory microscope Optika B-383PH

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