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  • Disk Continuous Centrifuge Hanil DHCSM-400


  • Dairy centrifuge: for refining pure milk or skim milk (to remove solid impurities)
  • Mineral oil centrifuge: Milk, kerosene, lubricants and mineral oils such as transformer oil, removing impurities from the water removal and the equipment used in the separation and similar substances used in the emulsion
  • Vegetable oil centrifuge: used in processing and refining vegetable oil
  • Animal oil centrifuge: refining animal oil in meat processing and fish
  • Enzyme-centrifuge: used for concentration of enzyme and using nozzle to remove the precipitate
  • Starch centrifuge: used to remove protein from starch and for concentration and using nozzle to remove the precipitate
  • Wool fat centrifuge: used to extract lanoline in woolen fabric industry and using nozzle to remove the precipitate
  • Pharmaceutical centrifuge: in pharmaceutical and chemical industry, used to extract antibiotics and vitamins for three-phase separation.(liquid-liquid-solid)
  • Beer-centrifuge: used to refine beer, malt, etc.
  • Latex-centrifuge : used to concentrate emulsion from rubber tree and purify latex layer
  • Paint centrifuge: used to separate impurities from paint and make paint dense
Type Floor type
External dimensions (W x D x H), mm 1500 x 1100 x 1500
Speed, rpm 7069
Max. throughput, l/h 500-3000
Power supply 380 V, 60 Hz, 3 ph

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Disk Continuous Centrifuge Hanil DHCSM-400

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