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Volume, l: 40; Number of cicles per hour: 50; Water consumption per cicle, l: 6.


Care system bottles washer AUXXL-TKR
With decades of experience in customized animal cage treatment and hundreds of installations, we offer you customized solutions. With innovative and patented technologies made by HOBART, we guarantee optimal cleaning and drying results, also significant reduction of
your running costs:
• Cage & bottle washers
• Cage system tunnel washers
• Cage & rack washers
• Fully automatic and semi-automatic washers

A perfect cleaning result is only achieved if the detergent makes contact with the entire surface of the cages or bottles, dissolving and binding the soil. Therefore the wash water
must reach every point of the wash ware items, and the more thoroughly and intensively this occurs, the better the result.
The rotating wash system ROTOR-X consists of two 4-spoke wash arms, one above and one below, with 50% more nozzles than conventional wash arms. The rotation of the wash arms and a high circulation rate create the necessary mechanical
wash action for a guaranteed outstanding cleaning result over the entire surface.

Wash efficiency depends largely on the distribution of the wash water and on avoiding any masked areas. Spraying angles and the precision of the wash jets are vital factors in achieving a powerful, searching wash action and the wide angle nozzles FAN provide a substantially broader and more precise spray pattern.
Compared with conventional and fixed wash arm systems the wash water is distributed more efficiently, masking is avoided and the cleaning result, especially in the corners, is considerably improved.

Permanently clean wash water is the key requirement for an optimal cleaning result with less detergent and water consumption. The fine filter system GENIUS-X² reduces detergent consumption by up to 30%.

All HOBART washers meet highest hygienic requirements concerning cleaning and disinfecting results.

For machines with external containers the integral low level signal indicates when detergent and rinse aid need refilling. This guarantees a perfect cleaning result every time.

If there is a lot of soil in the machine, the filter may become clogged. The filter obstruction sensor registers this, and displays a warning on the control panel.

The simple SMARTRONIC control combines the most important functions into just one button STARTER. The STARTER shows the operation status in self-explanatory colours.
The remaining time indicator visibly shows the progress of the running wash program.

In the E-SAVE heat recovery system the hot waste water passes against the incoming cold water in a heat exchanger. The heat exchange which thus occurs heats the cold water up to approx. 45°C. As a result, the energy required to reach the final rinse temperature of approx. 85°C is reduced by as much as 6.5 kWh and saves up to 1,500 Euro per year.*
E-SAVE heat recovery uses the energy already in the machine, and saves operating costs.

* Based on 15 Cent/ kWh, 6h/ day, 254 days/ year

The machine is equipped with an automatic cycle-time control in order to achieve a hygienic rinse temperature even for cold-water utilities or reduced heating performance.

Type Hood type
External dimensions (W x D x H), mm 735 х 635 х 1610
Internal dimensions (W x D x H), mm 735 х 635 х 540
Open hood height, mm 2195
Guide rail size, mm 500 x 540 (for two 18 bottle crates up to 700 ml (square))
Volume, l 40
Wash temperature, °C 60
Rinse temperature, °C 85
Pump capacity, kW x l/min 2 x 1.1/ 600
Material CrNi alloy
Cicle duration, sec. 64/102/252
Washing capacity (theoretical), loads/h 50
Water consumption per cicle, l 6

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Bottles washer Zoonlab AUXXL-TKR

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