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Real-Time rapid PCR thermocycler (pcr amplifier) Analytik Jena qTOWER.


  • High speed, real-time PCR up to 10 times faster than conventional cyclers;
  • Patent pending, fiber-optic system achieves high signal intensities;
  • Enormous cost reduction – works with reaction volumes of just 5 µL;
  • Highly energy efficient and RoHS compliant;
  • Integrated, user-friendly control and analysis software;
  • Attractive high-gloss design.

Product Info

Quantitative real-time fast PCR machine
The real-time thermal cycler qTOWER sets new standards for speed on the qPCR market. Based on the established rapid PCR, the qTOWER is up to 10 times faster than commonly available systems, achieving heating rates of 12 °C/sec and cooling rates of 8 °C/sec. Completely quantitative PCR runs can be performed in less than 25 min. The significant reduction of reaction volumes (down to 5 µL) is yet another highlight, as is the exceptional savings (up to 75 %) of expensive real-time reagents. Consumables have been optimized, making reaction volumes up to 20 µL possible and completely matching comparable instruments with its maximum capacity of 96 samples.

  • qPCR with up to 96 samples in less than 25 minutes;
  • Adjustable ramping rates from 0.1 °C/sec up to 12 °C/sec;
  • Reaction volumes of 5 – 20 µL generate outstanding savings of expensive reagents.

The integrated SPS (Sample-Protection-System) also provides optimum sample protection within the thermal block, which is cooled down to 25 °C while the lid heats up to 120 °C prior to starting the actual PCR. The adjustable lid temperature and high contact pressure results in nearly 100 % sample recovery. In addition, condensation effects can also be avoided for small reaction volumes.

Impressive flexibility
The patented fiber-optic system at the heart of qTOWER guarantees detection of homogenous fluorescence signals across the whole microplate. The qTOWER can be equipped with up to four different measuring channels, which makes the device very flexible and adaptable for various applications. The user can choose from nine high-resolution qPCR excitation and emission filters (Color and FRET modules).
As a result, the qTOWER is capable of performing ambitious multiplex analyses and covers a broad range of commonly used fluorescence dyes. In addition, the exceptional scan speed of the plate is impressive, because one 96 well microplate will be read out in just four seconds, regardless of the number of colors measured.

  • 11 different Color and FRET modules;
  • Open for future applications and adaptations;
  • Detects 96 samples in just four seconds;
  • Independant from the number of dyes.

qPCRsoft – simple and intuitive
The integrated, intuitive qPCRsoft software serves as the foundation for the final analysis of real-time PCR curves. The program automatically generates different methods for evaluating measured fluorescence data. The program can determine PCR efficiencies and perform absolute and relative quantifications, as well as the delta-delta Ct method and allele discrimination. Researchers can use qPCRsoft to investigate reliable concentrations and precise allele conditions and to display exact expression ratios. Once defined, parameter sets can be applied as templates for future applications and be reused continuously.

  • Highly diverse range of analysis methods;
  • Absolute and relative quantification;
  • PCR efficiency and delta-delta Ct method;
  • Discrimination of allelic conditions and expression ratios.

Intuitive, exceptionally fast and easy-to-use qPCRsoft controls not only rapid PCR runs and detects fluorescence signals, it also uses various qPCR methods for evaluating the final data.
It follows that qTOWER and the corresponding software combine to form an excellent, highly flexible and exceptional fast real-time rapid PCR system that truly leaves nothing to be desired.

Initiative for energy efficiency
No environmentally hazardous substances, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB or PBDE, were used during the production of qTOWER.
The qTOWER also stays ahead of the pack in terms of energy consumption. Up to 23 times more efficient than competing models, the qTOWER can dramatically reduce both costs and CO2 emissions.
Go green and earth friendly: qTOWER – quantitative real-time rapidPCR.

Parameters: color modules




Dyes* (examples)

Color module 1

470 nm

520 nm

FAMTM, Sybr®Green, Alexa488®

Color module 2

515 nm

545 nm

JOETM, HEXTM, VIC®, YakimaYellowTM

Color module 3

535 nm

580 nm


Color module 4

565 nm

605 nm

ROXTM, TexasRed®, Cy3.5®

Color module 5

630 nm

670 nm

Cy5®, Alexa633®, Quasar670TM

Color module 6

660 nm

705 nm

Cy5.5®, LightCycler Red®

FRET module 1

470 nm

580 nm

FAMTM (donor) / TAMRATM (acceptor)

FRET module 2

470 nm

670 nm

FAMTM (donor) / Cy5® (acceptor)

FRET module 3

470 nm

705 nm

FAMTM (donor) / Cy5.5® (acceptor)

FRET module 4

515 nm

670 nm

JOETM (donor) / Cy5® (acceptor)

Dimensions (W x D x H), mm 240 x 255 x 430
Weight, kg 240 x 255 x 430
Sample block material Silver sample block with gold coating
Sample block capacity 96 wells for 96 well microplates, 8 well strips, 0.02 ml
Sample volume, μl 5 to 20
Sample block temperature control range, °С 4 to 105
Temperature fluctuation, ±°С 0.2
Temperature uniformity, ±°С 0.2
Max. heating rate, °C/sec 12
Max. cooling rate, °C/sec 8
Gradient function No
Lid type Sliding, motorized
Lid temperature, °C +30 to +120
Contact pressure, kg/microplate 60 (automated)
Sensitivity 1 nM FAMTM in minimal 15 μL PCR buffer (equivalent to 15 fmol FAMTM per well)
Dynamic range 9 orders of magnitude
Measuring principle Top-reading fluorescence detection via 8 optical light fibers with color modules for excitation and emission filters
Light source High-power, long-life LEDs
Detector High sensitive CPM (Channel Photo Multiplier). Increased SNR.
Color modules 11 available. Four positions inside device.
Read out time 4 sec . for 96 wells, regardless of the number of spectral channels
Control Via PC
Controller No
Time inc/dec ± 0.1 to 1 sec/cycle
Temperature inc/dec ± 0.1 to 1 °C/cycle
Interface USB
Software qPCRsoft;
Control and evaluation software;
Absolute and relative quantification;
Delta-delta Ct method;
Allelic discrimination;
PCR efficiency;
Melting curve analysis;
MIQE compliant.
Max. power consumption, W 420
Power supply 100 - 240 V ± 15 % (47 - 63 Hz)
Warranty 2 years warranty on device system;
10 years long-term warranty of high performance optics.

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Real-Time Rapid PCR Thermal Cycler Analytik Jena qTOWER

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